Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Winter Gold'

So far our sabbatical has been well spent. After wrestling with some tough questions here are some of our decisions:

We will focus on selections of our Southeastern natives, Hydrangea arborescens and Hydrangea quercifolia. Then Katy bar the door; we’re going to grow other things that are interesting to us. And maybe to you. 

Out with most of the Hydrangea macrophylla and Hydrangea serrata cultivars, those big luscious mopheads and lacecaps. The ones that we will continue to grow are those we believe are beautiful, solid garden worthy plants. 

As for the newest, most double, most unique colorations, most fabulous, ever-blooming and new, new, NEW! - we pass. 

Essentially all of them are patented, trademarked and require royalty fees, tags and branded containers - for untested but heavily marketed unknowns. We’re dubious., and frankly just don’t want to try to keep up with it.

See the "Orphans" page to learn about our sale.

   See our Open Days page for dates and times.

Please contact us at (770) 463-2400 or edean007@gmail.com should you wish to arrange a visit to the nursery. Thank you.


Elizabeth's handout from her talk at the American Hydrangea Society on 10/24/16 is downloadable as a PDF below.

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